The Illusionists

ROLE: Associate Director  
LOCATION: World Tours 
YEAR: 2013-2018 

Siobhan was a key creative on The Illusionists directing many productions worldwide. She joined The Works Entertainment for the premiere of The Illusionists 2.0 in Australia and was Associate Director for the creation of The Illusionists 1903  In 2017 she directed the European Tour of The Illusionists, Direct from Broadway and in 2018 The Illusionists Live tours in Spain and South Africa.

“Deliciously, self-knowingly over the top and brain-bendingly spectacular – genuinely satisfying family entertainment that should not be missed." 

"A slick mix of grand illusion, sleight of hand, mentalism, circus and puppetry, the show's genius lies as much in the quirky characters it creates as the wonder of the stage magic itself."

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